How A Healthy Diet Regime can prove beneficial for your Eyes


A balanced and healthy diet is extremely important for the proper functioning of the eyes which is one of the most important sensory organs in the human body. From our very childhood we have heard our elders asking us to feed on raw carrot as that will keep the spectacles and lenses away from us. Recent researches have proved that right intake of food and in the right quantity can help in improving the eyesight and overturn the common signs of ocular aging.

Here is a list of nutrients from that you should include in your diet for maintaining healthy eyesight.


This is one of the most essential nutrients which is extremely essential for maintaining a good eyesight. Carrot is the most famous carotene rich food which is followed by other vegetables like cabbage and mango. A good quantity of carotene can also be found in milk and milk products, egg and cod liver oil. The liver transforms the carotene present in these vegetables, fruits and milk products into Vitamin A which is an extremely vital for the eyes. Vitamin A, also known as Retinol aids in the absorption of light that pass through our eyes to make things visible. Augmentation in the level of Vitamin A in the body would mean that your will be equipped with the ability to absorb more light and thus develop the ability to see objects clearly even in diffused light.

Vitamin C:

This is another important nutrient that is extremely beneficial for the health of the eyes. It is present in plenty in the citrus fruits like orange and lemon and also in vegetables. This nutrient aids in preventing retinal inflammation which is extremely important for maintaining a prefect vision.


This nutrient is primarily found in blueberries and it said that it can cure night blindness. This compound directly affects the retinal area of the eye and helps in having clear vision even in the presence of extremely weak light. However, you are not going to observe any changes in the vision within a fortnight, you need to continue eating this fruit for at least two months to get desired results. If blueberries are not easily available, then you can also take the capsule supplement of this compound to get the same effect.


Researches conducted by scientist of eminent organization have shown that the presence of this element can prevent age related macular degeneration. This nutrient forms pigments in the macula region that helps in straining the harmful blue ray wavelength from entering into your eyes. So eat enough servings of vegetables like broccoli and spinach which contains lutein so that the macula region is filled with these pigments to protect the eyes from the harmful blue rays.


This nutrient is present in plenty in fish like crab, shrimp, lobsters and salmon and it has some exceptional antioxidant properties which can prevent common eye problems like cataracts, molecular degeneration and blindness.

The presence of adequate amount of all these elements in your diet would keep you away from all the common eye problems. So deliberately include all these elements in your diet to perk up your vision.

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How A Healthy Diet Regime can prove beneficial for your Eyes