What are the greatest risks to your health as you age?

The ageing process for most of us is not one we look forward to, yet despite this, it’s inevitable. It has been proven that a positive outlook on life will help us stay physically healthy and maintaining a purpose in life can both increase your quality and your longevity of life.

Age brings with it many life changes, we may lose loved ones, and we must also cope with many physical changes. So just how can we learn to cope with the ageing process to achieve a healthy balanced life style? Listed below are some helpful tips to ensure a healthy enjoyable old age:


The ageing process brings a lot of changes with it, and we need to find good ways to cope with such changes. Your children have grown up and left home, leaving you feeling less needed. It is a proven fact that our mental and physical health is intrinsically linked with the need to feel useful and able to boost our health. We need to find other occupations to fill the void left by families who have flown the nest which often come in the shape of charity work or even caring for another person.


Worry and stress over what will happen to you in the future is a great concern as you grow older. We may lose our spouse and due to this loss ask certain questions – like “how can I cope” and “am I financially secure”. All of these worries can become over whelming. This is where positive thinking is a necessity.

Staying Independent

Although we must rely on others for some things in life, there are a number of household appliances we can introduce in order to stay independent. Such appliances may include the best stairlifts. With a stairlift, you are able to gain access to all floors with ease, regardless of your walking ability.

Keeping Fit

Should you still be physically active you could join a gym and don’t be shy, these gyms are full of those over 60! Join a local community centre and become more socially active. Look in your local paper for clubs to join and live by the rule to try anything once. All of these activities will make you feel more positive about life and we all know a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.


What are the greatest risks to your health as you age?